Hot Off The Press Review! Best by Melanie Jayne @mjsmut

Best: The Change Series, Book 3

Date of Publication: May 16, 2017

I have a new name in a new city.

Even though we’re only friends, Tye sleeps in my bed every night. After everything I’ve been through, I don’t believe I can handle more. But if relationships aren’t his thing, why is he here?

I wanted Billie from the first moment I saw her. Her scars are deep and every day is a struggle. Learning her secrets is like unwrapping a gift; slower is better. I only want to protect her. That’s why I hold her every night.

We’re just friends, which is for the best.

Isn’t it?


Melanie Jayne writes another hit book in her newest title, Best.  Best is a book about friends, family (blood relations or non), and second chances.  Best is the third book in the Change series, and we get to see the characters we grew to love up to now.

Best begins with Tyler Burke trying to encourage his sleeping partner, Holly Higgins, to take their relationship up a notch.  He desires the relationships his friends have.  Holly is not enthused with that idea and turns Tye down.  Tye’s decision is to go back to his womanizing ways.

Billie comes into the picture when she moves recently to Indianapolis and comes to meet Zoe and Tony.  Tony sees a side of her and tries to enclose her in their tight group.  As Forde, Tony and their wives include Billie into their family, Tye befriends Billie.  An attraction begins, but the fire is contained within each other.  As Billie starts to open up to her newly built family, can they heal the wounds deep inside her?

The highlight of Best is the characters.  The secondary characters build up both Billie and Tye in the story.  We get to see how each family grows from the beginning of the Change Series until now.  Also, Billie and Tye have an off the chart magnetism that is epic.  It is fun to see their banter and notice how Tye learns to think of others instead of only himself.

The storyline is engaging with a conflict that will leave you heated in fury for injustice.  Never fear though, the Forde family is here.  They will do everything in their power to protect on of theirs.  Now that is what is epic in the story.

Happy Reading!!!

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Melanie Jayne

Melanie Jayne lives on a grain farm in central Indiana with her husband of twenty-seven years and two mastiffs, Ginger and Duncan Keith. She’s worked retail, in a federal courtroom, closed loans and behind the scenes in a casino. Now she is living her dream—as a Romance Writer. Her first book was published in 2015 and she features characters over the age of thirty-five. She loves to meet readers and discuss all things book related.


Hot New Release by J.C. Reed and Jackie Steele Counting On You

NEW RELEASE ★★  Counting On You is  LIVE! ★★ 


From New York Times Bestselling Author, J.C. Reed, and Jackie Steele comes a new standalone novel.

I have everything I want.
Success. Wealth. Women…and make that plenty of those. As a filthy-rich CEO, I would say I’m pretty much close to perfection. Except for that one weakness: I’m cocky as hell, and an irresistible magnet for women.

So when one tiny mistake lands me in hot waters with the investors, I have one hell of a choice to make:

Restore my reputation…
Or risk losing my company.

I’m a man of my word and failure is not an option. Not now. Not ever. I fully intend to uphold my responsibilities.

Sharing an apartment should be easy, right? And it’s only for six weeks.
That’s what I thought before I found out that my new roommate is female.
And wow.
Vicky Sullivan is unlike any woman I’ve ever met.
She’s hot as sin, and crazy.
Definitely not my kind of crazy, but too hot to pass up.
There’s something about her that makes me rage with want.
I don’t like her, but obviously my dick does. And what he wants, he gets.

Six weeks…
Living together shouldn’t be too hard…
Until my best friend challenges me to a bet…
I make it my mission to make her mine.

There’s only one problem.
I have to break…Every. Single. Rule.
And did I mention she’s completely off-limits?

It’s too late to say no.

Author’s note – Counting On You is a full-length, standalone novel with no cliffhanger.


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Meet J.C. Reed
J.C. Reed is a New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling author. She writes steamy contemporary romance with a touch of mystery and suspense. When she’s not typing away on her keyboard, forgetting the world around her, you can find her chatting with her readers on Facebook.

    Meet Jackie Steele

Jackie Steele is a USA Today Bestselling author and a true romantic at heart. Whether reading or writing, Jackie loves dark, emotional stories that twist with your head and take you on a journey. As an ever romantic, she believes in happy endings and true love in all forms, which is reflected in all of her books.

Read A Hot New Review of The Boy Friend by Mika Jolie @MikaJolie1

The Boy Friend by Mika Jolie

The Boy Friend

Date of Publication: April 25, 2017

According to the law of attraction, women and men can’t be friends.

Contrary to this myth, my friendship with Coriander Phillips does not rest on unrequited love or un-actualized lust. We’ve been inseparable since the day I pulled one of her pigtails and she punched me in the gut.

She’s hilarious, fun to hang out with. Together, we’re like peanut butter and jelly, spaghetti and meatballs, wings and beer. A match made in heaven.

She’s the bomb.

Did I mention she’s smokin’ hot? I’ve checked her out…maybe once or twice. Hey, I’m a guy.

Seriously, no awkwardness, no secret yearning for our relationship to escalate beyond the purely platonic. I’m the boy friend—the loyal shoulder she cries on, the dispenser of coffee, sympathy, hugs, advice, and affection with no expectations.

Until the invisible line between friends and lovers became blurry.

Now I want more. I want her.

All I have to do is convince her we can be more than friends.


If only it were that easy.


Mika Jolie hit a home run in her newest novel, The Boyfriend.  It is a story where readers can literally escape life and fall into the characters and plot line.   Watching the characters evolve from beginning to end of the story was the highlight of my reading experience.

Meet Dean Conrad Morello, a lover of all women and a man with no concept of commitment.  His best friend happens to just be a woman, and who says men can’t be just friends with a female.  Mr. Morello thinks so.  That is until he starts seeing his best gal friend in a new light.  Can hottie Dean start to define relationship?

Meet Cori Phillips.  She is an earth loving, friend caring, artist sharing woman.  She has big dreams that she desires, and when she expresses them to Dean he decides he will help her in his own way.

Dean’s desire and Cori’s dreams may just shake up the long-time friendship they share.  Maybe good or maybe bad?  Read The Boyfriend by Mika Jolie and find out.

Happy Reading!!!

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Mika Jolie

Mika Jolie lives in New Jersey with her Happy Chaos—her husband and their energizer bunnies. A sports fanatic and a wine aficionado, she’s determined to balance it all and still write about life experiences and matters of the heart. Let’s face it, people are complicated and love can be messy. When she’s not weaving life and romance into evocative tales, you can find her on a hiking adventure, apple picking, or whatever her three men can conjure up.

She loves to hear from readers. Connect with Mika on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads and Amazon.


Review: Going in Deep by Carly Phillips @carlyphillips Another 5 STAR HIT!

Going in Deep (Billionaire Bad Boys, Book 4)

Going in Deep (Billionaire Bad Boys, Book 4)

Date of Publication: May 9, 2017

He isn’t Mr. Nice Guy…

Julian Dane thought he’d hit rock bottom — until he met a woman (isn’t that what they all say?). He used her and broke her heart. Now he wants to turn things around but the damage he dealt stands in his way.

Kendall Parker’s unique issues have made it hard to live a normal life. Very few people understand her and she trusts even less … but she believed in Julian once, and he only betrayed her.

Now Julian is back — a new man — and determined to win Kendall’s heart. But this reformed bad boy just might find that Going in Deep is harder than it looks.

Billionaire Bad Boys: Rich, Powerful and Sexy as hell.

All Billionaire Bad Boys Novels stand alone!




Julian Dane and Kendall Parker were once a flammable couple.  The fire started off and continued until an explosion happened that hurt Kendall and forced Julian to search within himself.

Fast forward several months.  Kendall has found her niche with caring for abandoned dogs.  Julian enters to right a wrong, but will receive his chance of forgiveness?  Will the past rear its ugly head forcing Julian to retreat again?

Going in Deep continues Carly Phillip’s brand image of being an author who can tell stories of forgiveness and second chances all within a romantic and endearing way.  Also, Going in Deep discusses topics that are meant to be dealt with care.  Ladies and gents, Carly wrote a story that hits a home run with how eloquently she handled modern day issues.  I cannot say enough great accolades on how well Going in Deep is written.

I recommend Going in Deep for all of us Carly fans as well as enthusiasts of a happily-ever-after

Happy Reading!!!

Carly Phillips

After a successful fifteen-year career with various New York publishing houses, and over 40 sexy contemporary romance novels published, N.Y. Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Carly Phillips is now an Indie author who writes to her own expectations and that of her readers. She continues the tradition of hot men and strong women and plans to publish many more sizzling stories. Carly lives in Purchase, NY with her family, two nearly adult daughters and two crazy dogs who star on her Facebook Fan Page and website. She’s a writer, a knitter of sorts, a wife, and a mom. In addition, she’s a Twitter and Internet junkie and is always around to interact with her readers. You can find out more about Carly at

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Now Live!!! A Love For Romance Anthology by SBR Media Authors @AuthorAshleeT @EhayesAuthor @@AuthorDebraPresley @



welcome to the release lfr


About the Anthology

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00044]

Do you have a love for romance stories? Included in this anthology are stories that will have you intrigued; make you swoon; all the while warming your heart.

Fifteen SBR Media authors present to you: A Love for Romance.

♡A preview of Trading Yesterday by USA Today Bestselling Author Kahlen Aymes

♡ The Break (Breaking Free, Part 1) by USA Today Bestselling Author Debra Presley

♡ Always Too Late by Micalea Smeltzer

♡ Until the Stars Forget to Shine by Amber Garza

♡ The Only Chance by Magan Vernon

♡ Awakened: A Leila Marx World Novella by Amber Garr

♡ Do You Mind? by Freya Barker

♡ Cock-Blocked by W. Ferraro

♡ What Happens on Spring Break by R.C. Stephens

♡ Always There by Elizabeth Hayes

♡ Falling for Lindy by Ashlee Taylor

♡ Burning the Midnight Oil by Elison Grace

♡ Babysitting for the Biker by Sammi Starlight

♡ Chasing Love by Misha Elliott

♡ Spellbound by Ashlee Sinn

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Staring woman portrait covered by black veil

Title of Book: Trading Yesterday
Author Name: Kahlen Aymes
Genre: Contemporary/New Adult Contemporary

About the Book:

“Professional soccer superstar, Chase (Ace) Forrester, receives a test message from the one woman who broke his heart. His life is on a fast track now, and after years of trying to forget Teagan Tesler, he can finally breathe without wanting to rip his heart from his chest.

Faced with a dilemma that threatens to screw up everything he’s worked for, Chase must decide if seeing Teagan will give him the closure he needs, or crack him open all over again. His head tells him to shut off his phone and ignore the six words screaming from the screen, but his heart tells him to get on a plane, no questions asked.

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Staring woman portrait covered by black veil

Title of Book: The Break (Breaking Free, Part 1)
Author Name: Debra Presley
Genre: Thriller/Suspense

About the Book:

“Like a best friend, you’ll root for Rachelle until the end.”– New York Times Bestselling Author Avery Aster

Rachelle wants nothing more than to be free of her husband, Dr. Trey Wellington III.

After one terrible night, she decides it’s time to break free from his abusive, controlling ways. However, her plan goes astray and she finds herself in the fight of her life.

Will Rachelle be able to break away? Or will Trey keep her captive in the hell she’s been living?

This book contains graphic scenes and very sensitive subject matter.

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Staring woman portrait covered by black veil

Title of Book: Always Too Late
Author Name: Micalea Smeltzer
Genre: Young Adult Mature

About the Book:

Mathias Wade may be the lead singer of Willow Creek, but he didn’t start out that way.

Once upon a time, he was simply a boy that loved a girl, but their story ended in tragedy.

This is the beginning.

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Teaser 24

Title of Book: Until Stars Forget To Shine
Author Name: Amber Garza
Genre: Sweet Contemporary Romance

About the Book:


Mina was only a teenager when her first love Austin died tragically. Now she’s an adult back in Inland Cove. And she’s just met the incredibly sexy man who now lives in Austin’s beach house.

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Staring woman portrait covered by black veil

Title of Book: The Only Chance
Author Name: Magan Vernon
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Fairytale

About the Book:

Nobody meets their spouse when they’re four-years-old unless they’re living a fairytale.

Veronica “Roni”Chapman and Patrick “Trigg”Chapman thought they were living the ultimate fairytale, then life happened.

With divorce papers served, they thought their relationship was over.

But a tragedy brings them back together.

The only chance they may have to get back together may just happen once upon a dream.

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Staring woman portrait covered by black veil

Title of Book: Awakened: A Leila Marx World Novella
Author Name: Amber Garr
Genre: Paranormal Romance / Urban Fantasy

About the Book:

The backstory highlighting the unusual romance between a medium (Elise) and a vampire (Gallus) who are key characters in TOUCHING EVIL.

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Staring woman portrait covered by black veil

Title of Book: Do You Mind?
Author Name: Freya Barker
Genre: Erotic Romance

About the Book:

A chance meeting during a routine airport layover holds a hint of excitement.

A casual lunch hints at the promise of unexplored fantasies.

A leap into the unknown has life changing consequences.

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Staring woman portrait covered by black veil

Title of Book: Cock-Blocked
Author Name: W. Ferraro
Genre: New Adult

About the Book:

“She’s gorgeous.”
“She’s perfect.”
“She’s so damn sexy.”
She’s my best friend’s little sister.

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Staring woman portrait covered by black veil

Title of Book: What Happens on Spring Break
Author Name: R.C. Stephens
Genre: New Adult

About the Book:

Prequel to upcoming release

Uptight Princeton student Sasha Landstone doesn’t mean to fall in love with the laid-back bartender Chris while vacationing in Florida on Spring Break. He’s completely not her type. He’s covered in tattoos, piercings, a man bun, and has an arrogant, condescending personality. But once they kiss it’s electric and all reason escapes them like the waves crashing along the Floridian shore. Too bad she’s his future stepsister…

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Teaser 7

Title of Book: Always There
Author Name: Elizabeth Hayes
Genre: Contemporary Romance

About the Book:

Taylor and Gabe were best friends. When Taylor and her fiance get into a fight it’s Gabe who she calls. Gabe is tired of seeing Taylor hurt, he decides that it’s time to tell her how he really feels. But will Taylor feel the same way or will she run back to her fiance.

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Teaser 5

Title of Book: Falling for Lindy
Author Name: Ashlee Taylor
Genre: Y/A – high school

About the Book:

Bad boy Clinton Delaney falls for a girl he’s never noticed before, Rosalind Flannery’s newfound attention from the hottest guy in school leaves a lot to be desired. Although it feels good to have the popular jock making a fool of himself for her attention, is it worth the hassle dealing with the girls who think she’ll never be good enough for him.

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Staring woman portrait covered by black veil

Title of Book: Burning the Midnight Oil
Author Name: Elison Grace
Genre: Contemporary Romance

About the Book:

The first four chapter in Burning the Midnight Oil follow me on Wattpad for the rest of the story.

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Title of Book: Babysitting for the Biker
Author Name: Sammi Starlight
Genre: Erotic Romance

About the Book:

Willow thought this was just another babysitting job. She gets a big surprise when she finds out it’s for one of the most notorious and sexy bikers in town.

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Staring woman portrait covered by black veil

Title of Book: Chasing Love
Author Name: Misha Elliott
Genre: New Adult

About the Book:

Dylan Hevel felt that love was only something that tied and bound you to another person. After the disaster of his parent’s marriage he vowed to never make the same mistake.

After losing everything that mattered most Abigail Love picked up and started life over in the middle of nowhere Alabama vowing to never let her heart be hurt again.

When Dylan needed help for his grandmother he enlists the help of Abigail. As the two spend time together they are forced to face the undeniable spark between them.

As Dylan’s feelings for Abigail come to light, he realizes he has to let go of his skewed view of love in order to take a chance on this woman.

Will Dylan continue to believe that love isn’t in the cards for him-or will he take the leap and chase after love?

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Teaser 25

Title of Book: Spellbound
Author Name: Ashlee Sinn
Genre: Paranormal Romance

About the Book:

Bo Callaghan has finally met his mate in Kenzie. As a witch in a clan of grizzlies, she can certainly hold her own. But when a particular problem requires her special skills, she quickly realizes just how much they all need each other.

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A Love for Romance by Debra Presley

A Love for Romance

by Debra Presley

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Today’s Guests: Q&A with Charlotte and Madison from Finding Salvation


Welcome, Madison and Charlotte to Cruising Susan Book Reviews interview day.

Can you both take turns, and say in one sentence how you would characterize the role the other plays in your life? Madison, can we start with you first?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Madison- The angel on my shoulder who gives me the good advice, Although I don’t always listen. I like to learn things the hard way lol

Charlotte- Madison has always been my protector; from the moment I’ve met, she’s kept me safe. Still, to this day as adults, I know that if I am ever scared or worried about anything that she will always be there to make sure everything is okay.


Charlotte, you have been described by your family at times as being innocent and almost fragile. Do you believe this fits you? How would you describe yourself?       

I believe that back then I was fragile, I had been so scared for so many years about being alone and being abandoned. I always went above and beyond for everyone because I felt as if I needed to secure my place so they wouldn’t leave me. Now I am different, Jackson helped a lot with that. I no longer worry that I will be alone and no longer need to go above and beyond because they’d never get rid of me.

Can you both say one word that describes the other person?   

Madison – loyal

Charlotte – strong

When you both were integrating from being in the foster home to having a family, what was the hardest part of that transition?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Madison- Sleeping. I wouldn’t sleep because I was afraid I would wake up back in the system.

Charlotte- worried at any moment that the Finley’s would change their mind and send us back. Or decide to keep one of us and not the other. I think for the first six months we lived with them we would go to bed holding hands so we wouldn’t let one be taken without the other.

How would you each describe your relationship with Donovan?  

Madison- I love to hate him because he can’t keep a secret. But he is the best brother a girl could ask for.

Charlotte- he’s the best big brother in the world. I can’t begin to describe how grateful I still am that Madison went toe to toe with him and he chose us.


You are spending a night on the town, what is it you both would be doing?

Charlotte – spending time with our husbands, while they try to convince us to have another baby or five.

Madison. You can go out with your husband I need a day at the spa and away from him for the night.

What celebrity do you identify most with?  

Madison- what I’m not a celebrity?

Charlotte – I wouldn’t even know where to begin with this. Someone with kids, helps people, and loves her husband. To be brutally honest, I only know male celebrities: D


Can you tell me each other’s favorite, and are they correct?

Madison, Charlotte’s favorite meal?

Madison- Anything Italian.  Coughs (gross)

Charlotte: food, Madison loves any kind of food.

Madison- she’s right I like food, well not all food. I don’t like Italian food, red sauce, yuck.

Charlotte- she lies she loves spaghetti

Madison- Don’t make me stab you with this fork.

Charlotte, Madison’s favorite sexiest male celebrity?

Madison- whoever is playing a cop at the moment. She’s a sucker for anyone in uniform. I mean look at her husband.

Charlotte – the guy from the Dracula untold movie

Madison, Charlotte’s favorite hotspot?

Madison- Easy Jay’s, Free drinks and VIP status what more could she ask for.

Charlotte – um duh Easy Jays is the hottest spot out there.

Charlotte, Madison’s favorite song?

Madison- she likes when I sing her Pony

Charlotte – that’s true… Madison likes that awesome song by Plies

Madison- that is true it’s like my very own theme song.


If you both were to give one wish for each other what would it be?   

Madison- I wish for her to have 20 more babies and stop bragging about how she doesn’t have stretch marks yet.

Charlotte – that she finally beats Avery at a video game, so he will stop doing that stupid celebratory dance he does every stinking time.

Madison- I have to admit I kinda like when he wins. When no one’s around, he does his dance naked for me. I’ll record it next time and show you.

Charlotte – please don’t because that thing looks like he’s having a fit on a toilet.

Madison- to be fair I just like looking at him naked. His ass, though. Now that is a sight to see.

One last question before we end the interview. What is it that you both want fans to remember you by the most? Charlotte, would you like to start first this time?        

Madison- my Ninja like skills.

Charlotte – that I don’t take kindly to pranks or jokes and will get you back tenfold you’ll never see it coming.

Madison- that reminds me we really need to watch our backs. I put a dead skunk in the boys’ bushes last night.

Charlotte – you need to let me know these things. They like to show up at my house in the middle of the night while I’m getting busy with my husband who does nothing to stop them.

Madison- I’m telling you now. So that counts right?


Thank you, Madison and Charlotte, for your time today. You both are so fun to get to know as well as a huge role model for young women out there.  

Madison- ahh I’m not sure I make the best role model. DONT DO WHAT I DID!!!!

Charlotte- thanks for the interview, it was a lot of fun.


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Review: Taming Sugar by Rebecca Grace Allen @RGraceAllen

Rebecca Grace Allen

Taming Sugar
A Modern Day, BDSM, Taming of the Shrew
January 19, 2017



A modern day, BDSM, Taming of the Shrew.

After being dropped from the best role she’d ever gotten, actress Roxy Cavanaugh is on a week’s vacation to work on her patience. Being holed up in a little cabin isn’t doing much to help her, and neither is meeting sexy property manager Hunter Finn. Unfazed by her willful determination, Finn might be the first man strong enough to take her…if they don’t kill each other first.


After being fired from a play, Roxy Cavanaugh takes a break in nature.  Taking a break is new for Roxy and so is playing nice.  Roxy is known as a rich spoiled princess, but when Hunter Finn comes into to fix a few problems in the cabin Roxy’s world will get turned upside down.

Hunter is known as dominating, and desires control in and out of the bedroom.  What happens when you mix dominating with a rich spoiled princess?  Let’s just say it is combustible!

The story is short in nature but thick in meaning.  It is a lesson on letting go and being okay with it.  Hunter has a few lessons to teach Roxy, and it is not all about what is in the bedroom.  These lessons will shake Roxy to her very core.

The story is a bit of kink, just to be forewarned.  It is though not over the top.  It is just enough to allow you to see the message that Rebecca Grace Allen is trying to give.

If you like a story with a bit of kink and meaning mixed with it, then you will enjoy Taming Sugar.

Happy Reading!!!


Buy links:

Amazon Kindle:

About the Author:

Rebecca Grace Allen writes kinky new adult and hot contemporary BDSM romance. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English with a double concentration in Creative Writing and Literary Comparison, as well as a Master of Science in Elementary Education, both of which seemed like good ideas at the time. After stumbling through careers in entertainment, publishing, law and teaching, she’s returned to her first love: writing. A self-admitted caffeine addict and gym rat, she currently lives in upstate New York with her husband, two parakeets, and a cat with a very unusual foot fetish. – See more at:

Author Links:


Review: Contract Signed by Marie Harte @MHarte_Author

Marie Harte

Contract Signed
Triggerman, Inc – Book 1
January 17, 2017



Three assassins and a… baby?
How many assassins does it take to change a diaper?
Three assassins have met their match…and it wears diapers.

Triggerman, Inc., Book 1

Noel “Ice” Cavanaugh’s method is foolproof. Get in, do the job, get out, melt away without a trace. Chill out until his next mark is assigned. Neat. Tidy. No mistakes.

This time, though, something isn’t right. Two somethings. First a random attack that feels not-so-random. Then he discovers someone’s left a baby on his doorstep with a note claiming it’s his. And the sexy neighbor who found the boy first has too many questions in her eyes to ignore.

When her handsome, mysterious neighbor suddenly asks her out on a date, Adeline Rose has suspicions he’s fishing for “help” with his bundle of…joy? By date’s end, she’s convinced NOel’s just as distant as he seems—until a scorching goodnight kiss ends with sex against the nearest wall, the heat between them burning away all thoughts of careful.

Now Noel has more than one problem on his hands. Splitting baby duty between three badass assassins, figuring out how to fit more time with Addy into his no-room-for-error schedule…and keeping both of them safe from the danger he’s increasingly sure has followed him home.

Warning: Beware a killer with a heart of gold, a baby who needs constant changing, and unrequited love that’s actually quite…requited.


Contract Signed is a thrilling novel full of mystery, mayhem, and much testosterone.  You combine that with sizzling chemistry and what you have is combustible.

The story starts off introducing the reader to Noel “Ice” Cavanaugh.  Noel is an assassin of extremely bad men.  In the very first scene, Noel is on the job to terminate an evil man.  After the job, he returns to his home on Bainbridge Island where he finds his neighbor, Adeline “Addy” Rose with a baby she claims someone left for him.

The mystery and romance explode from there as Noel starts to melt his heart just when men are trying to kill him.  Addy is in danger, but can Noel be the man he wants to be or is the kill too much of a thrill for him?

First of all, I love the setting of the story.  I do not live very far from there.  It is fun to have a story set right in your backyard.  Second, I enjoyed reading about all the men that work for this mysterious organization.  They are freaking funny. Each carries a different title and job description for which they hold.  I can’t wait to see more on this series.

I would recommend checking out this series.  Add Contract Signed to your TBR list.

Happy Reading!!


Buy links:

Amazon Kindle:
Google Play:
Samhain Direct:

About the Author:

Award-winning author Marie Harte has been writing professionally since 2005. She’s both a NY Times and USA Today bestselling author and has written over 100 books and counting. Marie writes books with heat, humor, and character.

She writes independently and for several publishers, to include Sourcebooks and Samhain. Though currently writing contemporary romance, she also writes paranormal and romantic suspense.

Before turning to writing full-time, she earned a B.A. in English from Pennsylvania State University and spent several years in the United States Marine Corps as a communications officer.

Marie currently lives in Central Oregon with her family. There’s nothing she likes more than finding a good book to read and a great cup of coffee to drink.

Author Links: