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Release Event For Change Of Heart By S.E. Edwards


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That’s how I’ve gotten through nineteen years of life. It’s what I do every single day–no matter how badly the odds are stacked against me.

Persevere, and survive.

Those are my two guiding words. I never knew either of my parents. I have no family and no home. The only person I could ever rely on was myself. In this cruel world, that’s about as much as I can ask for.

Love? Hah. Don’t talk to me about love. I stopped believing in it the day my first boyfriend ripped out my heart three years ago.

That’s why love is the last thing on my mind when I leave a packed college bar with a captivating stranger. Yet everything changes when I’m awakened in the middle of the night by a pounding at the door. Suddenly, an arrangement meant for just one night threatens to become something much deeper.

All expectations are thrown to the wind as I’m tangled in a dangerous world unlike anything I can believe. The man I met has secrets swirling around him like a dark cape. I’m about to become his biggest one…

picture2-no-border-small (1)Author Bio:


I’m Scarlett Edwards. I’m a full-time student (2nd year, undergrad) and part-time writer. I hope to switch those around soon!

I’m kind of old fashioned. I write all my stories using paper and ink. At the end of the day, I transcribe them on my laptop. It takes a bit longer, but writing in a notebook really focuses my thoughts.

I love vintage photography. I have an old-school film camera that was my mom’s from before I was born. I use it to take pictures almost every day.

Yours to Savor is the first full book I worked on.  It went through six drafts, and took me ten months to complete.  In the two months since getting it done, I finished two drafts of brand new stories.  I’m getting faster!

I love hearing from my readers. I love getting feedback about my books. I’m just getting started, and plan on doing this writing gig for a long, long time.

I take inspiration from all the indie romance authors. Addison Moore, Samantha Young, Colleen Hoover, Jessica Sorensen, and everyone else…. you girls rock!

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“I love hearing from readers!  If you read my book and want to share your thoughts, good or bad, email me!  I’ll be sure to reply!! <3″



Together, we stumble toward the elevator. Rich breaks away for a second to hit the button. The light doesn’t come on.

“Damn,” he growls, “it’s busted again.”

I’m one step ahead of him. I’d spotted the stairs when we entered. I grab his hand and pull him after me with no hesitation. I start up the cement stairwell, determined to get to his room as fast as possible.

“Penny, wait.”

I look back, confused. “What?”

A devilish smile plays on his lips. “Only this.” Without warning his hands wrap around my waist, and I’m  being lifted up as easily as if I were a doll. He turns to the side and presses my body against the wall, suspending me between him and the concrete.

His mouth crashes down on mine again. I curl my legs around his torso, locking my ankles together, and kiss him back with the passion reserved for a lover after ten long years apart. I didn’t think it was possible, but I’m getting even more turned on. Rich’s hands move down to grasp the outside of my thighs, and I moan into his kiss as the muscles of my core clench in sinful fashion. I want him so

badly. If we don’t get somewhere private soon, I won’t be wholly opposed to jumping him in public.

I gasp as he steps away, freeing me from the wall. I start to fall, but one of his hands darts down to catch me just beneath the knees.  The other one cradles my shoulders. Before I know it, I’m slung across his   arms like a bride on her wedding night.

“I’ve always wanted to carry a girl up these stairs,” Rich admits.

I laugh, and wrap my arm around his neck. “Oh, you are just the best type of romantic.”

Four flights of stairs later, Rich pushes open the fire door to a dimly-lit hallway. He carries me down the hall and stops in front of an entrance on the right. He sets me down, then fishes around in his jeans for the key. When the door creaks open, he sweeps a hand out in front of him. “Welcome to my humble abode.”

I walk in, curious about his apartment. I tend to side with the camp of people who believe that a person’s living arrangements can reveal a lot about his personality. But, I don’t find much to work with here.

The apartment is sparse and dark. Pale moonlight filters in through the balcony window, shining down on the only piece of furniture present: a queen size mattress lying on the floor of the living room. The red brick walls are totally empty—no girly posters or other things I might expect in a bachelor’s apartment. There are no lamps, no chairs, no couches.

After a moment, I notice a second piece of furniture: a small, old-school CRT TV camped in one corner of the studio apartment.

Rich switches on the light. “So?” he asks, “what do you think?”

I walk past the entrance. There’s one hall leading away from the room. It is filled with brown cardboard boxes. Lots and lots of boxes. “Did you just move in or something?”

Rich laughs behind me. “Yeah, something like that. You want a drink?”

“A drink?” I say. “No, I—”

The words catch in my throat as he grabs my hips and spins me around. I had no idea he’d come so close. He’d moved from the door to me without making a sound. His fingers lock together against my lower back, and he tugs me into him, pressing my belly to his waist. I feel his growing erection right away, and a diabolical excitement builds inside me.

Nothing happens.

For a long moment, Richard just holds me like that, staring into my eyes as I’m left dangling off his arms. His irises are the color of sea mist. I’m hypnotized by the deep intensity I see brewing just beneath the surface. I have no doubt that that type of intensity is mirrored in my eyes.

Then, moving slowly, as if restraining himself, Richard lowers his mouth to cover mine. This time, his kiss is sweet and gentle. Subtle and caring. He explores my upper lip first, then traces the line going to the corner of my mouth. His lips form a perfect mold over mine.

I was wrong before. This is the kiss reserved for a lover you haven’t seen in ten years.


Cover Reveal & Excerpt For Second of All By Genevieve Dewey










69ed2ee17d88b67b97e5ae623ecf3520ba9f52abTitle: Second of All

Author: Genevieve Dewey

Genre: Contemporary Drama with Romance Subplot

Event organized by: Literati Literature Lovers

Ginny stood a bit on her now bare tiptoes and rested her chin on his shoulder. Tommy turned his head to kiss her temple, his lips lingering and then moving whisper-soft towards her ear. She struggled to hold back the shudder of pleasure, selfishly enjoying the intimacy and romantic thrill of the moment.

“Thank you,” Tommy said softly.

“For what?” Ginny asked.

“For being my Ginny.”

She didn’t think about her resolution to not make any moves, she wasn’t thinking about anything but their complicated friendship and her own frustrated feelings as she pulled her hands free, moved to the side and then in front of him. She placed her hands on his upper arms and his hands moved to her hips. She looked him straight in the eyes and ignored the returning twinge of sympathy she felt at the obvious fatigue on his features and the thrill she felt from the look of sexual longing in his eyes.

“Tommy, you have to stop this. It’s killing me. You’re giving me mixed messages,” Ginny began, trying desperately to use her professional ‘put him in his place’ tone but it came out a bit plaintive for her tastes. He winced and closed his eyes.

“I know. I’m sorry,” Tommy said then opened his eyes again. “It’s just… you mean something to me, Gin, and I’m afraid if we take it to the next level – have sex – it will mess it up, our friendship. If it was anybody else, I’d take that chance, but you, you’re different than the rest. In just six months you’ve become… Hell, I can’t explain it.”

He let out a harsh breath and she expected him to remove his hands from her hips to run them through his hair but instead he only gripped them tighter. She floundered in confusion. Ginny wasn’t one to mince words, in fact she was often accused of using too many, but she had never been able to express herself properly around Tommy. She struggled with a thousand different tactics and persuasive arguments until her mind just seemed to jam from all the different permutations.

Kryptonite, indeed.

Gen BioPic

Genevieve Dewey Author Bio 

Genevieve Dewey is the author of The Downey Trilogy (First, I Love You & Second of All) and the short stories Bird Day Battalion & V-Day Aversion. She is a wife, mother, sister, friend and Anthropologist. She was raised mostly in Nebraska, partly in Arizona. She has a Master’s in Anthropology and worked as an Applied Anthropologist for years (even ran her own research company for a while) before deciding to be a stay at home mom. She loves passionate (rational) debates, reading, and libraries… oh, and Chicago and high-heels and chocolate and target practice and gangster flicks and anything with the FBI in it and run-on sentences. She lives in Nebraska with her three brilliantly diabolical children and one incredibly funny husband.

You can find Gen online at:






Laying Low In Paradise by Kristy K. James Blog Tour – Review & Excerpt




Date Published: 5/14/2013

Laura Keane and her son have been spending summers at their chalet on Bois Blanc Island since her husband was killed in the war. She never let anyone else in after the chaplain delivered the sad news four years ago, so it’s just the two of them, and she wouldn’t change it for the world.

 Cameron Rafferty and his friends were keeping secrets. Dangerous secrets, and they’d hoped the little island paradise would be a safe place to hide out. The plan to keep a low profile quickly unravels when an accident changes everything. Cameron soon finds himself becoming more involved with the Keane family than he’d intended -and wishing for things he shouldn’t.

Short excerpt:

“Oh we have so much to teach you, and so little time to do it,” she said, rolling her eyes. “Grand gestures can be very romantic, but it’s the little things we appreciate the most.”


“Because it means the man put some thought into it. Take your dad, for instance. He knew I loved wildflowers and sometimes, on his way home from the base, he’d find fields of flowers and pick me a bouquet. Those meant more to me than if he’d stopped at a florist shop to buy me a dozen roses.”

“So you’re saying that for something to be really romantic, you want to know the guy did some work. And if he sweats to make it happen, that’s even better.”

Long excerpt:

“I’ll make sure the fire is out, Mom. It won’t take long.”

“I’ll help him,” Cameron said. “Can you get to the house all right?”

“I’m getting really good on these crutches, or hadn’t you noticed?”

“Yeah, you’re quite the expert,” Finley drawled. “Nevertheless, I’ll escort you to the deck.”

“Thank you, kind sir.” She managed a respectable curtsey then said, “Good night, Cameron. See you tomorrow?”

“Yes. Definitely. Supper, remember? Good night, Laura. Sweet dreams.”

He and Sam worked in companionable silence for a few minutes, making a few trips to the lake to fill the bucket. When the water hit the hot embers, hissing filled the air, along with billowing clouds of steam.

“I’m glad Brendan came out,” Sam said quietly.

“So am I. I appreciate all the help you’ve given me with him. I don’t know if I’ve told you that, but I do.”

“It’s okay.” Another silence followed, then Sam observed, “You were holding my mom’s hand.”

“Yes I was. Is that okay?” Cameron held his breath waiting for the answer.

“Do you like her?”

“Very much.”

“Then I guess it’s okay.”

“Would it bother you if I asked her to go for a boat ride tomorrow?”

“Just the two of you?”


“You know she hasn’t been out with anyone since my dad died? Well, except for that creep, Jerry.”


“Yeah. She said he was a jerk on their date. And then he kissed her when he brought her home. She didn’t want him to, but he wouldn’t stop.” Cameron felt his fingers curl into fists. “I hit him with my ball bat.”

“Good for you.” He reached out to squeeze boy’s shoulder.

“The bat is in my closet. In the chalet.” Cameron bit back a smile.

“Sam, I give you my word, if things seem like they’re headed in that direction and your mother doesn’t want to kiss me, I won’t force her to.”

“I didn’t think you would. I just thought I ought to let you know.”

“I appreciate the heads up.”

Kristy K. James professional author picture

Author Bio

Kristy K. James’ first goal in life was to work in law enforcement, until the night she called the police to check out a scary noise in her yard. Realizing that she might someday have to check out scary noises in other dark yards if she continued on that path, she turned to her other favorite love… writing. Since then, her days have been filled with being a mom and reluctant zookeeper (7 pets), creating stories and looking for trouble in her kitchen.



Twitter: @KristyKJames


 My Review (4.5)

I really enjoyed this story.  It has romance, mystery, and suspense!!  What more can you ask from a book.  It kept me on my toes the whole way through and I was hooked from the Prologue.

Laying Low In Paradise developed a well defined chemistry between the main characters.  I enjoyed the story plot, and it flowed without confusion or any disruption.

I would recommend it to anyone looking for a book that will keep you running until the end.  Trust me the twist and turns are worth reading the book.

Have a great day!!!



Beside Your Heart By Mary Whitney Cover Reveal & Excerpt



Title: Beside Your Heart

Author:  Mary Whitney

Genre: New Adult Romance

Publish Date: June 17, 2013

Event organized by: Literati Literature Lovers



Late one night Nicki Johnson plays with emotional fire and Googles her high school love, only to find his name splashed across the British gossip columns. Back in his native England, Adam Kincaid is successful and dating a woman from an aristocratic family like his own. With a career in politics, Nicki’s no slouch, but she knows Adam is living a world away from her life. Yet there was a time he was no farther than the next locker. Nicki will never forget their year together in high school—the year of her sister’s death, the year her mother checked out. Adam helped Nicki through suffocating grief, and she led him through a coming of age. Was it just high school, or was it something more?

Beside Your Heart Excerpt:

“No British literature. Isn’t this supposed to be an English class?” Adam asked.

“Uh.” My ancestors would’ve been proud of the jolt of American patriotism that hit me.  “There was a revolution two hundred years ago. We write our own books now.”

He leaned back in his seat with a smile. “I think I heard about that.”

“We still share the same language.”

“Sometimes I’m not too sure.”

“I bet not.” I could imagine what he thought of a Texas accent.

He picked up the list of books again. “What about Catcher in the Rye?”

“I read it a long time ago when I was, like, eleven.” I laughed a little as I remembered how I’d first come to read it.

“Is there something funny about that?”

“Yeah. My father had suggested I read it then. The book is the classic coming-of-age story. Clearly, he wasn’t really thinking about whether or not it was appropriate for an eleven-year-old.”

“Really? Why?”

“Well, for one thing, the main character is a guy who swears a lot.”

“I suppose I swear a lot.” He cracked a sly smile. “At least compared to you Yankees.”

“Yankees? You’re in the South.” I laughed.

“What else is inappropriate about the book? Now I’m interested. It can’t only be a few swear words.”

“No, it’s not just that. It’s…” I hesitated for a moment as I realized I was about to bring up the topic of sex with Adam Kincaid. What the hell, I thought. I should be matter-of-fact about it. He had a girlfriend and would never want anything with me. I could hide I thought he was hot, so I shrugged. “Holden, the main character…he’s a little sexually frustrated.”

His eyes twinkled, and it felt as if my words hung in the air. I wanted to squirm in my seat. ‘Sexually frustrated’—like me checking out Adam Kincaid.

His proper upbringing showed again as he sidestepped the issue, yet he smirked. “That sounds like an adventurous book to be on an American high school syllabus.”

“Like I said—it’s considered an American classic.” I laughed. “I guess some things are sacred.”

“But of course.” The gleam appeared in his eye again, and he turned toward me in his seat. “Teenage sexual frustration is sort of a rite of passage, if you will.”

There went the good-English-boy manners out the window. His tone, the look in his eye, his body language—was he flirting with or taunting me? I decided the former was impossible, and if the latter, I wasn’t going to back down. With two parents who were lawyers, debate was a family routine.

“A rite of passage? More like a biological fact, isn’t it?” I asked, casually clicking my pen. I raised a brow. “Especially for guys.”

“You’re right about that,” he said with a grin.

His eyes shifted downward, and I could feel him give me a once-over. I wondered what he thought. I was no Meredith, but I had enough self-confidence to know I wasn’t butt-ugly either—even with my scars. I couldn’t tell, but he’d distracted me so much, I jumped when I heard Mrs. Anderson ask, “Your name, dear?”



Author Bio

Even before she graduated from law school, Mary knew she wasn’t cut out to be a real lawyer. Drawn to politics, she’s spent her career as an organizer, lobbyist, and nonprofit executive. Nothing piques her interest more than a good political scandal or romance, and when she stumbled upon writing, she put the two together. A born Midwesterner, naturalized Texan, and transient resident of Washington, D.C., Mary now lives in Northern California with her two daughters and real lawyer husband.

Social Media


Twitter @WordyMary 


Amazon Author Page


Goodreads Author Page


Blog Tour & Tour Wide Giveaway of J.B. McGee’s New Title, Forgiven (This #3).

Forgiven Banner


Welcome to the Blog Tour of J.B. McGee’s new title, Forgiven (This #3).  J.B. new release is one to be read in her third book of the This Trilogy series.  There is also a tour wide raffle copter of her new book.  Please follow the link below to enter.

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Title: Forgiven (This #3)

Author:  J.B. McGee

Genre: New Adult

Publication Date:  May 16, 2013

Event organized by: Literati Literature Lovers

Forgiven Book CoverSynopsis

Everyone has a past…good or bad, they are always there. They lurk and linger in the shadows, sometimes reappearing at the most inconvenient times.

Gabby and Bradley thought that their pasts would remain dormant, that happiness was theirs for the taking. Still the strongest of relationships can be rocked by the ugliness from a previous life, even if it seems to be a world away. The fact remains an ugly past is never distant. It taints everything it touches, drives permanent rifts between loved ones, and sometimes can ruin everything. Gabby and Bradley must find the only way to battle the past. Forgiveness becomes a light through the darkness, a guide for the lost, and hope for the hopeless. With forgiveness comes bright, new beginnings



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 Purchase all 4 books in one bundle from Amazon (savings of $4)

About the Author

JB McGee Author PictureJ.B. McGee was born and raised in Aiken, South Carolina. After graduating from South Aiken High School, she toured Europe as a member of the 1999 International Bands of America Tour, playing the clarinet. While attending Converse College, an all- girls school in Spartanburg, South Carolina, she visited Charleston often. It quickly became one of her favorite vacation spots. She met her husband, Chad, during Christmas break her freshman year, and they married in 2001 and she moved back to her home town. 

In 2005, the couple welcomed their first son, Noah. J.B. finished her Bachelor of Arts degree in Early Childhood Education at the University of South Carolina-Aiken in 2006. During her time studying children’s literature, a professor had encouraged her to become a writer.

In 2007, she welcomed their second child, Jonah, and she became a stay at home mom/entrepreneur. In 2009, the found out their two children and J.B. have Mitochondrial Disease. In 2011, a diagnosis also was given to Chad. Please take a moment and learn more about Mitochondrial Disease. Awareness is key to this disease that has no cure or treatments.

J.B. McGee and her family now reside in Buford, Georgia, to be closer to their children’s medical team. After a passion for reading had been re-ignited, J.B. decided to finally give writing a shot. Broken (This Series), is her first book and first series

 Social Media Links








My Review

Forgiven (This #3) is a wonderful third book in the trilogy series by J.B. McGee.  It has been wonderful to follow this trilogy.  How J.B. wrote all three book’s ties in together with each other.  It is not a stand alone book.  You need to have a good understanding of each previous books to follow along with Forgiven.

I do want to advise you to have Kleenex along.  Part of the story is heart wrenching.  It was hard to see all the heart break that everyone was having at one time or another.

In Forgiven, there is a surprise visitor for Gabby.  Someone from her past that will shock her world.

I do have to admit I have very much watched Gabby and Bradley develop both individually and together as a couple.  Bradley is so patient and has learned what respecting Gabby’s wishes for her desire to keep a promise with her mom made before her mom passed on.  It is a sacrifice for him, but he is willing to do anything, I repeat ANYTHING for Gabby.

Bradley has to also find out about his priorities.  He is torn between something that has hurt him and Gabby as well as his devotion to his beloved fiancee.  Will the two tear him apart or can Gabby and Bradley learn to overcome his conflict and have their happily ever after?  I admit I did not want to be in Bradley’s shoe’s with the situation he was in.

J.B. has done such an excellent job that I was really kind of sad to see this third book come to rest.  I look forward to seeing much more work from J.B.  She is an author that you definitely do not want to miss.


Emancipating Andie eBook for .99 cents on Amazon ONLY! Sale Only For Thursday and Friday.










Hey guys and gals!!    Priscilla Glenn is offering the eBook version of Emancipating Andie for only .99 cents today and tomorrow on Amazon.  This is for celebration of Memorial Weekend!!

Please follow the link below to purchase her new book out.  It is an excellent book to read.



Cover Reveal: Off The Record By Sawyer Bennett Plus Link to Special Interview With Cover Model

Sensual couple



Title:  Off the Record

Author:  Sawyer Bennett

Expected release date: June 11, 2013

Genre:  Contemporary Romance

Age Group:  New Adult

Cover designed by:   Vitalink;

Cover reveal organized by: AToMR Tours


Book Description

The sparks of dislike burn hot, but the sparks of mutual attraction burn even hotter.

Ever Montgomery suffered the ultimate betrayal by the one man who she should have been able to count on for anything. It has left her hurt, jaded and incapable of forming relationships, but it also means that she can spot a liar a mile away.  These traits are earning her a reputation as a reporter with a keen nose for a good story and a complete understanding of the extreme power of the written word.

Lincoln Caldwell, is the hot goalie for the New York Rangers. At twenty-four and a rising star, he works hard and he plays even harder. He’s gorgeous and carefree—the ultimate charmer.  Ladies fall at his feet and the single life has never been lived the way Linc Caldwell does it.

When Ever publishes an article about Linc containing information that she received off the record, she finds herself on the receiving end of the athelete’s fury.  Rather than basking in the glory of exposing Linc as a shameless user of women, she finds herself at his mercy when he demands and receives retribution.  Required by her editor to trail Linc for six weeks, Ever is forced to look at the real Linc Caldwell.

And she just might find that she has misjudged him.

About the Author

Sawyer Bennett Small


Sawyer Bennett is the pen name for a snarky southern woman and reformed trial lawyer who decided to finally start putting on paper all of the stories that were floating in her head. She is married to a mobster (well, a market researcher) and they have two big, furry dogs who hog the bed. Sawyer would like to report she doesn’t have many weakness but can be bribed with a nominal amount of milk chocolate.




Link to Interview With Cover Model of Off The Record

Author social media links:

AToMR Tours


The Upside of Letting Go By Nacole Stayton Cover Re-Release & Re-Release Amazon Special Going On Today Only

TULG Jacket

Title: The Upside of Letting Go

Author:  Nacole Stayton

Genre: New Adult Romance

Publish Date:  April 20, 2013

Event organized by:Literati Literature Lovers

TULG Ebook Cover

Book Description:

Haley Martin is no stranger to loss. One tragic event takes her entire family, leaving lingering nightmares to torment her at every turn. She decides the only way to let go of those nightmares is to literally move away from all that is familiar. Boarding a Greyhound bus, she leaves behind her past filled with heartbreak and misery, in hopes of starting a new life.

By accident she meets Kyler King, a beautiful young man with a tragic past as well. He has no interest in settling down with anyone. With a reputation as being emotionally unattainable, he uses this façade to hide the burdens he bears every day.

As Kyler and Haley’s physical attraction becomes deeper, the secrets they have kept hidden threaten to surface. An unannounced visitor causes their pasts to collide with their present. Will their secrets prove to be too big of an obstacle, hindering their happily ever after, or will letting go be the key that locks their bond forever?

Purchase Links


Barnes & Noble:


About the Author

Nacole Stayton Author PicNacole Stayton was born and raised Christian “Nacole” Stayton. She is twenty-three years young and currently resides in the Bluegrass state, Kentucky. She spends her days working at the local hospital and nights writing vigorously on her current novel. She has a passion for helping others and wears her University of Kentucky gear proudly. While her husband loves all things outdoors Nacole enjoys the finer things in life like getting pedicures while reading on her Kindle Fire. Her hair color changes with the seasons and she has a weakness for tattoos and iced coffee.


TULG Amazon Sale

Click to go to Amazon special for Nacole Stayton’s, The Upside of Letting Go

Blog Tour & Giveaway & Promo – Plus A Special Recipe For You – Review of New Title Then Again By Karen Stivali





Welcome to Day 1 of the Then Again Blog Tour brought to you by Literati Literature Lovers.  To follow the tour site, please click below.


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We have a really great day for you.  I have a synopsis of the book, a review (with a few teasers in them), a Promo, plus in addition I have included a special recipe for Crab Dip.  Seafood was heavily used in the beginning of the book and holds a special spot in one of the character’s heart, so I thought I would provide you a recipe for Crab Dip that was given to me by my mother-in-law.

Also, we have two raffle copters going on. The first raffle copter is for an eBook copy (ePub or mobi- mobi is the Kindle version) of Karen Stivale’s, Than Again. INTERNATIONALLY OPEN!!

The Second raffle copter is the Grand Prize Tour Giveaway: $20.00 Gift Card to Amazon OR Barnes and Noble

Grand tour rafflecopter giveaway



Then, AgainTitle: Than Again (5 Stars)

 Author:  Karen Stivali

 Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

Publication Date: May 21, 2013

Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd.

Purchase Links:





Sometimes you have to lose it all to find what you really need.

 Photographer Kay Turner is dealt a double whammy when she flies home for her grandmother’s funeral to find her boyfriend with another woman. Now with two losses to mourn, she retreats to her newly inherited beach house to clear her head.

Everything at the beach is familiar: the sounds of the ocean, the scent of her grandmother’s perfume—and the irresistible smile of James Margolis. The man Kay spent her adolescence pining for is every bit as charming as she remembers.

James always thought of Kay as “a nice kid”, but he feels something very different for the woman she’s become. Especially when he asks if she’d be willing to part with some of her grandmother’s recipes for his new restaurant—and they wind up sharing much more than culinary secrets.

But as their relationship deepens, Kay finds herself caught between the demands of her dream career as a travel photographer, and a chance for happiness with the one man she’s wanted for a lifetime.

Warning: This foodie romance contains sensual scone baking, a heroine who discovers one bad apple hasn’t spoiled her appetite, and a delicious hero you can’t help but crave. Blend well, serve hot.

About the Author:



Karen Stivali is a prolific writer, compulsive baker and chocoholic with a penchant for books, movies and fictional British men. When she’s not writing, she can be found cooking extravagant meals and serving them to family and friends, who never seem to mind the excessive quantities she tends to prepare. She attributes her ability to multitask to the fact that she rarely sleeps, which gives her more hours every day. Prior to deciding to write full time Karen worked as a hand drawn animator, a clinical therapist, and held various food-related jobs ranging from waitress to specialty cake maker. Planning elaborate parties and fundraisers takes up what’s left of her time and sanity.

Karen has always been fascinated by the way people relate to one another so she favors books and movies that feature richly detailed characters and their relationships. In her own writing she likes to explore the dynamics between characters and has a tendency to craft romantic tales filled with sarcasm and sexy details. Although she writes in three genres (erotic romance, contemporary romance and women’s fiction) all of her stories are love stories with happily ever after endings.

Karen has published several erotic romance novels with Ellora’s Cave including two award winning stories: Always You (published September 2011, First Place Winner of the RWA Passionate Plume Award – 2012)and Marry Me (published June 2012, First Place Winner in the NEC-RWA Bean Pot Reader’s Choice Award – 2013).

Her works of women’s fiction, Meant To Be, and its sequel, Holding On, (published by Turquoise Morning Press in August and November 2012, respectively) both made multiple  Best of 2012 lists and are rated as true gems and recommended reads.

Karen’s latest release, Then, Again is a contemporary foodie romance published by Samhain Publishing.

To learn more about Karen  and all her upcoming books you can visit her website where she blogs original recipes, sassy commentary on The Bachelor, and tidbits about her journey in the writing world. Karen can also be found attempting witty banter on Twitter!/karenstivali

Author Links






My Review:

I gave this book the highest stars because it was a fast pace, extremely hot-in-the-kitchen, and the character’s were plain enjoyable to read about.

I first heard of Karen’s work when I read Meant To Be and Holding On.  I loved them.  Karen writes so eloquently that her books takes you into another zone.  They offer enticement, pizzaz, spice (especially during the cooking scenes) and an ending that I really loved.

“Kay, stop with the packing already. It’s eight o’clock at night. You’re exhausted. Where the hell are you going to go?”

She looked at him, thinking clearly for the first time in days. “I’m going home.”

Kay returns to see an unexpected surprise in her apartment.  She returns early from a trip from out of country to find things at home not what she quite expected.  She must go to where he grandmother lived to place her grandmother to rest.  Upon her arrival she finds that her teenage love interest(James) is as hot as flames.  She is captivated by him and she wonders how he sees her now that she is grown up.

Kay and James start on an adventure of her teaching him her grandmother’s recipes.

“Images flashed into her mind of the two of them, in the kitchen, the exotic scents of Maria’s cooking floating through the air. Another shiver ran through her. He’s so handsome. And sweet. She imagined what it would be like to feel his strong arms wrapped around her. Her   eyes drifted closed and she stroked her arm. Would his hands be firm or gentle? Hot or cool? The flutter in her stomach raced down between her legs. One step at a time. Right now all he wants are your recipes.

She flipped open her laptop and refreshed her…”

I really enjoyed how much fun they had with each other.  Karen, you did an excellent job portraying the chemistry between the both of them.  I felt it.  I also felt Kay’s sorrow at the funeral.  It brought back emotions to me that made me reach for the Kleenex box.  Sniff.. Sniff

Kay has to decide her priorities.  Is it work or is it James?  What will she decide, or can she have both?

This is one book that I would recommend to all of you out there.  I would suggest reading it for more mature readers.  Over 17 would be best.  I will tell you that Then Again made me realize my own priorities needed to be straightened out.

Enjoy the Promo Event and the Crab Dip Recipe.  Read the book and see what Kay’s favorite seafood dish is.

Promotional Event Interview

Are there certain characters you would like to go back to, or is there a theme or idea you’d love to work with?

Once I create a character that person lives on in my head forever so there’s always a chance I will see a future (or past) story for that person. I don’t set out to write certain storylines or themes, but I do very often come up with friends-to-lovers stories. I’d like to try an enemies to lovers story once, just to see if I can do it. I’d have to think of the perfect characters, though, because it’s not a theme that naturally comes into my head. I love the progression of a relationship from friends to lovers, that’s what draws me back to that theme so often.

At what point in your life did you realize that being an author was no longer going to be just a dream but a career you were going to turn into reality?

It still feels like a dream.  And this is my 8th release (out of 12 contracts). I’m still waiting for it to start feeling real.

It’s hard to explain what it’s like to write a book, finish it, polish it a million times, send it out to people, get feedback, get rejections, finally get it accepted…it’s a very surreal thing. I thought it would feel real once I got a contract. It didn’t because after you sign a contract you just begin the next round of waiting. It takes months to get edits. And more months to get a cover. And then you wait for you release date. Then you wait for reviews. And the whole time you’re working on your next project and then waiting for all that to happen with that book too. There’s a lot of waiting in the publishing world.

A big “real” moment is always seeing your cover for the first time. Another one is holding your first paper copy. The day the paper copies of my first novel arrived I carried it around with me the entire day. Well, I carried it most of the day. The rest of the day I let it sit next to me in the chair I’d dragged over next to my desk chair.

Can you tell us about your challenges in getting your first book published?

There were a lot of challenges in getting my first book (Meant To Be) published. I had a lot of positive feedback from agents who told me they liked the writing and loved the characters but they wouldn’t take a chance on it because it would be too hard to market because it crosses genres. It’s a love story but broke too many of the rules of romance. And it’s women’s fiction but the male main character has 65% of the point of view scenes which breaks the rule about the books being about women.

While I was struggling to find the right place for Meant To Be I wrote a steamy novella, Always You, at the request of my writers’ group. They missed having me submit sexy scenes for the group to read so I wrote the novella for them. To my surprise (and delight) when I submitted Always You to a few e-publishers and small presses I got multiple offers right away. One of the companies that I turned down asked if I had anything else and wound up wanting Meant To Be.  It was definitely a case of fate leading me on the right path. I never would have guessed that my steamy short story would lead to my original novel finding a publisher. (Oh, and Always You wound up winning first place in the RWA Passionate Plume Award for 2012, so it’s just my all-around good luck charm!)

Do you have any advice to give to aspiring writers?

Yes. Tons.

Don’t write because you like to, write because you have to, because you’re driven to beyond all reason. If you don’t feel that kind of need to do it, you probably won’t make it through all the obstacles.

FINISH THE BOOK. That’s the most important one. So many writers start projects and get so caught up in new ideas and revisions and other projects that they never complete anything. You can always edit or tweak or change a complete draft, but at least at that point you have a book to work with—if it’s not done yet, it’s just a work in progress. That’s a good start, but completion is definitely the biggest thing. Finish it. Fix it later. Lots of times.

Don’t give up. As I said, there’s a LOT of waiting in the publishing world. There are countless things that can make you feel like what you’re doing is crazy and like you’re never going to get anywhere. If what you want is to get your book out there, don’t give up. Work on your next project while you’re waiting. Keep writing. Keep editing. Keep trying. If you give up, all the work you did is for nothing.

Find a great critique partner. Or two. These are people who like your writing/ideas/style but also care about your work enough to tell you what does not work. Sure it’s great to have someone tell you your writing is awesome, but what’s helpful is someone who will point out what’s awesome but also tell you what’s missing, or what goes on too long, or what joke didn’t quite work. The best critique partner will point out the best , the worst, the mediocre and help you get your book as perfect as possible without trying to make it something it’s not. If you can find that in a partner, don’t let that person go. A good critiquer is worth their weight in gold. Or chocolate. Or chocolate wrapped in gold. In fact, offer your crit partners chocolate, that’s a good way to lure them.


Do your characters try to make like bunnies and create ever more convoluted plots for you? Or do you have to coax them out of your characters?

My characters are a chatty lot. They tell me everything, even when they don’t want to. Sort of like my real life friends. I know my characters inside and out (ahem) so they don’t often surprise me. I have to know everything about them before I write their stories because if I don’t, I won’t know how or why they react to things. Once I know everything about them I can put them in any situation and know exactly how they’ll handle it. That’s when I write.

Crab Dip Recipe
16 oz. Cream Cheese
1/2 Cup Half and Half
3 Tsp. Worcestershire Sauce
4 Tsp. Lemon Juice
Pinch of garlic (dried spice)
1 Can Snow Crab
Pinch of Salt (Make sure you throw a pinch over your shoulder for good luck)
Pinch of Pepper
Soften the cream cheese in the microwave for approx 25 seconds depending on microwave wattage.  Try it at 15 seconds first.  Using a hand mixer mix in half and half with the cream cheese.  Mix until soft and combined.  Stir in remaining ingredients. Cover with plastic wrap.  Place in refrigerator for approx 2-3 hours or until dip has firmed up.
Enjoy with crackers, or chips!!!

Thanks for all of you stopping by today.  Have a wonderful day, and I will chat with you tomorrow.

Cover Reveal for Rose by Alison Chaffin Higson

I want to welcome everyone to Cruising Susan Book Review’s.  Today we are revealing for the first time the cover of a new release coming out on June 9, 2013, by Alison Chaffin Higson.  Please also take a look at the link’s below for further information on her book.  This is one book that will be a must read.  Move over Nicolas Sparks, here comes Alison Chaffin Higson!!!

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