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Review & Excerpt: Fatal Identity by Marie Force Review & Except Tour @MarieForce @HQNBooks @InkSlingerPR

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Every family has its secrets… 

As the first anniversary of her marriage to Vice President Nick Cappuano approaches, Lieutenant Sam Holland is dreaming of Bora Bora—sun, sand and a desperately needed break from the DC grind. But real life has a way of intervening, and Sam soon finds herself taking on one of the most perplexing cases of her career.

Government worker Josh Hamilton begs Sam to investigate his shocking claim that his parents stole him from another family thirty years ago. More complicated still, his “father” is none other than the FBI director. When a member of Josh’s family is brutally murdered, Sam begins to question how deep this cover-up goes. Is it possible the revered director was part of a baby-napping ring and that others involved are also targets?

With a killer intent on deadly revenge and her team still reeling from a devastating loss, Sam’s plate is full—and when Nick and their son, Scotty, take ill, is her dream of a tropical anniversary celebration in peril too?

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Fatal Identity, by Marie Force, is another thrilling novel starring our favorite characters Samantha Holland and Nick Cappuano.  After a year into their marriage, life is anything but boring.  Adventures seem to find these two where ever they go.  Fatal Identity is by far the most intense action packed with a taste of romance that I have read in a while.  All of these characteristics are a trademark of Marie Force’s writing.  Each page you turn in a Marie Force novel is always filled with excitement.  You will not be disappointed in her newest book, Fatal Identity.

The story starts off where Lieutenant Samantha Holland is being suspended from the force for an altercation she had with another employee on the force.  Just as she is having to come to terms to her reprimand a case comes to her (off the books) that just may start an uproar felt all the way through the White House.  She agrees to help no matter the damage this could do to her career.  That is until facts start to come in that shows there is more to the story than anyone could ever imagine.

At the same time Sam’s family is extremely sick and she must take care of her son, Scotty, and her husband.  Let’s just say that Sam has a lot on her plate and must reach out to family and friends to help her during this time.

There are so many enjoyable elements to Fatal Identity.  Complex multi-dimensional characters, plot twists that leave your heart racing, and meaning contained throughout the book the will have your soul yearning for the character’s sadness.

Through out the book we get to learn more about Scotty, the adopted son to Nick and Sam.  He is growing in his family and loving each moment of his new mom and dad.  The comments he makes at times are so heart warming that I could say that those were my most favorite part of Fatal Identity.

I am eager to see what more is out there for Scotty, Sam, and Nick.  This family has an epic story to tell.

If you haven’t read any of Marie Force’s books before start off with Sam’s story with Fatal Affair.  You will enjoy Sam’s and Nick’s first meeting to this current saga of family and devotion.

Happy Reading!!!


And don’t forget to grab the previous titles in the Fatal Series Today!

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“I love you. I’m sorry I brought this situation into our home, and I’m sorry I had to say no to you for the first time ever.”

His lips curved into a small, sexy smile. “You’ll make it up to me.” He leaned in close to brush his lips against her ear. “On your back, with your legs on my shoulders, your ass red from my hand and—”

“Stop it,” she said, shivering from the desire that in­stantly heated her core. “Right now. I’ve got to go to work.”

Chuckling, he released her. “Hurry home, and be care­ful out there, Samantha. Whoever decided to kill the FBI director won’t think twice about killing again.”

“I’m always careful. Don’t worry.”

“Right. You may as well tell me not to breathe.”

“Don’t do that. I need you alive and well when I get home so I can make it up to you.”

“It’s not fair. You’re suspended and you still have to work. I was sort of looking forward to having you all to myself for a few days. Should’ve known it was too much to hope for. But you’ll pay. Yes, you will. When you get home and when we get to Bora Bora at the end of the month. You will pay.”

Smiling, she kissed him again. “Can’t wait.”

“Me either.” He stole another kiss from her. “Love you so much. Please be careful.”

“I will. I promise. Hold down the fort, and keep an eye on our guest.” She patted his chest one last time and left the kitchen, deciding in that moment to keep the news about Troy from Josh until she knew more. They’d keep it on lockdown so there was no way he’d hear it online or anywhere else until they were ready to release the news.




About Marie Force:

MarieForcepic500Marie Force is the New York Times bestselling author of contemporary romance, including the Gansett Island Series, which has sold more than 2.2 million books, and the Fatal Series from Harlequin Books, which has sold more than 1 million books. In addition, she is the author of the Green Mountain Series from Berkley Publishing as well as the new erotic romance Quantum Series, written under the slightly modified name of M.S. Force.

Her goals in life are simple—to finish raising two happy, healthy, productive young adults, to keep writing books for as long as she possibly can and to never be on a flight that makes the news.










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Promo: Pure Torture An Oblivion on Tour Novel by Tania Sparks Release Blitz @TaniaSparksAuth



Pure Torture An Oblivion on Tour Novel, #3 by  Tania Sparks #ReleaseBlitz #ReviewBlitz @bookenthupromo

Genre:Rock Star Erotic Romance

Release Date: July 29, 2016

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tania sparks books 1 and 2

Heaven Sent

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Bolt from the Blue

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PT Book Cover#Synopsis:

Cody’s the sexy drummer extraordinaire of the hard rock band Oblivion.

Kitty’s the little sister of one of Cody’s band mates and she’s had a secret crush on him for years.

When the band are back home for a few days, the chemistry between them is both unexpected and undeniably off-the-charts.

She quickly realizes that the prospect of having what she’s always fantasized about is a very real possibility.

He quickly realizes that although he feels this mind-blowing attraction towards her, she’s the little sister of one of his band mates – he would get his ass kicked from here to hell if he ever laid a finger on her!

But can Kitty convince him? After all, no one else needs to know, a one-time hook-up might suit both of them…or could it ruin everything?

Warning: This story contains hot rock stars, sizzling sexual encounters and language that you would expect from heavy rock musicians used to a life of sex, booze and rock and roll. Pure Torture contains graphic sex scenes and is strictly 18+ only.

This novel is Book 3 in the ‘Oblivion On Tour’ series. Each book in the series follows a different band member and tells the story of the women that steal their hearts. Pure Torture can be read as a stand-alone but you might also want to check out Heaven Sent (Book 1) and Bolt From The Blue (Book 2).



Tania Sparks is a romantic at heart who genuinely believes in true love and soul mates. She met her husband while still at school, she was sixteen, he was seventeen. They are high school sweethearts who more than twenty five years later are still very much in love and are happily married with two beautiful daughters.

Tania does have a full time job, but in her spare minutes enjoys spending time with her family, cooking and reading. She’s an avid reader who tends to chomp through a large volume of books, mainly in the romance genre. Her other major ‘hobby’ is writing steamy rock star erotic romances!

In 2014, after finding herself constantly being inspired by numerous romance novels, she decided to try her hand at writing. After penning her first scene she discovered that she enjoyed it immensely and so resolved to continue with the rest of the story that was swirling in her imagination. That story resulted in her first novel, Heaven Sent which is the first book in her Oblivion on Tour Series. This was soon followed by Bolt From The Blue and Pure Torture. Each book in the series is a stand-alone story which follows a different band member from a hard rock group called Oblivion – and of course the feisty ladies that steal their hearts! The other books in the series are at various stages of completion.

Now-a-days Tania finds it very difficult to control her imagination and swears that her rock stars are constantly chanting their stories in her head. She can’t wait to share them with you.











What the hell happened to Nikki’s little sister?

We’re all sitting around, drinking our beers. I’m slouched down on one of the armchairs that I’ve claimed as my own. I’m still twirling my drumsticks and tapping away on my legs and the surrounding furniture. I’m a couple or three beers in when I hear the door to the suite open. I glance across to see Nikki, our rhythm guitarist and his girl Trixie strolling in jovially, Nikki’s arm is draped over her shoulder and she’s securely tucked into his side.

I lift my head and somberly greet them, “Hey.”

Nikki bobs his head in acknowledgement and Trixie waves her hand to say hi. I expect them to close the door but instead the most stunning girl on the fucking planet glides in behind them. She has smooth jet black hair that flows down her back and it’s so long it reaches her ass. She’s tall, probably almost as tall as me and her body rocks. She’s slim, but has nicely rounded hips and amazing tits. Her emerald green eyes are sparkling boldly as she scans the room confidently. I immediately jump up from my chair, drop my drumsticks to the floor and feel an undeniable rousing in my pants. Hell, maybe my day won’t be so bad after all. I feel better already!

The other guys all stand up too. Fuck off cock-suckers, she’s mine.

I take a step forward as the raven haired beauty suddenly shrieks in an oddly familiar voice, “Oh my god, hi guys, I’ve missed y’all so much!”

Fuck, fuck, fuck! My muddled brain suddenly clicks and makes the connection as I realize that the hottie that has my body vibrating like a god-damned amplifier is Kitty, Nikki’s little sister. Holy Crap! Somebody turns the music down and everyone starts walking towards Kitty. My heart is beating so damned loud that I’m sure the whole room can hear it.

What the hell happened to Nikki’s little sister? I remember her as being a sweet little girl that we used to tease and let hang around the band. She’d bring us beers and dote over all of us, but especially me. Sure, she’s always been pretty and downright cute, but I’ve never thought of her as the unmistakable sex kitten she is now. She’s definitely grown up and she’s a complete and utter babe. She’s the perfect embodiment of everything I find totally irresistible in a chick. I want!

Shit, maybe I’ve had more to drink than I thought, but I definitely shouldn’t be thinking this way about Nikki’s little sister and I don’t know how to handle these sudden irrefutable cravings. My hand twitches and strums anxiously on my leg as the adrenaline courses through me and makes me want to jump around like a fuckin’ crazy person.


PT Teaser - This Is Pure Torture

Review & Promo: Perfect Rage by Nashoda Rose @bookenthupromo @nashoda rose



Perfect Rage (Unyielding, #3) by  Nashoda Rose #BlogTour @bookenthupromo


Release Date: July 26th

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Portrait of sexual woman, bent in bed

Portrait of sexual woman, bent in bed


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This is Connor’s story.


Consumed by perfect rage.

I was fighting who I’d become and what I’d done.


There was nothing I cared about except her.

She was mine.

But I’d forgotten her—my shutterbug.

And I lost her.


Until now.

I’d do anything to possess her again.

Anything to keep her safe.

Protect her against my biggest opponent.


The monster.



Full-length novel: 93,000 words

Must be read in order:

Perfect Chaos (Unyielding, #1)

Perfect Ruin (Unyielding, #2)

Perfect Rage (Unyielding, #3)




5plusstarsPerfect Rage is dark, angst driven, and full of sensual scenes that are scorching.  It is not a love story for the weak.  Perfect Rage contains strong characters from previous books that you read about that will cause you to fall in love with them even more.  It is a continuation in the series.  Perfect Rage is Conner’s story to be told.  It is a story of a man’s journey back from hell.

The plot line is fast and deep.  You never expect the direction the story you will take you.  There is meaning that will enter your inner core.  Lessons on hope, second chances, and bringing every man home.

What I loved were the characters.  Alina and Conner were well developed complex characters that fit to each other like one’s yin to the other’s yang.  Both experienced horrors indescribable, yet they seemed driven to exist and survive.  The question was whether they would ever be together and what their future held.

Nashoda Rose uses her words as a piece of art.  Perfect Rage is another beautiful dark composition of hers.  It is a mixture of vibrant colors that you will notice as you read each beautiful page.  I cannot say enough wonderful words to describe how well she tied together all parts of this novel.

I recommend highly that readers who want a angst filled read try this newest novel.  This is a novel for ages 18 and above.  I found it to be worthy of my time to read, and I know you will as well.

Happy Reading!!!



Nashoda Rose is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author who lives in Toronto with her assortment of pets. She writes contemporary romance with a splash of darkness, or maybe it’s a tidal wave.

When she isn’t writing, she can be found sitting in a field reading with her dogs at her side while her horses graze nearby. She loves interacting with her readers and chatting about her addiction—books.









Google +:







Portrait of sexual woman, bent in bed

Portrait of sexual woman, bent in bed

Cover Reveal: Hotshot by Ahren Sanders

Hotshot_CoverTitle: Hotshot

Author: Ahren Sanders

Release Date: August 29, 2016

Genre: Contemporary Romance




I don’t remember a time I didn’t love Crenshaw Bennett.

I tried to deny it, but my feelings grew deeper.

I thought he could never love me the way I love him.

I was wrong—outrageously, deliriously, and beautifully wrong.

One innocent kiss changes my life forever.

Suddenly, Shaw is mine.

Loyal, devoted, and the most loving man on this Earth.

Together, we create an explosion of fiery passion, devotion, and chemistry I never knew was possible.

All of my dreams are within reach, but I should have known it was too good to be true.

The past always catches up to you, and I’m left staring at my worst nightmare.

Faced with the unthinkable, I am forced to choose between the man I love and a past I cannot change.

Shaw’s fighting like hell to prove we can have it all, but can I find the strength to be the woman he needs?

Preorder Promo: Beast Out Of Hell (Werewolf Whisperer Tales #2) by Camilla Ochlan & Bonita Gutierrez Preorder Blitz


Preorder Blitz


Book Title: Beast Out Of Hell (Werewolf Whisperer Tales #2)
Author: Camilla Ochlan & Bonita Gutierrez
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Release Date: August 12, 2016
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book blurb

When gun-toting Granny hires The Werewolf Whisperer team to save her Werebeast granddaughter, Lucy and Xochi get caught between a pair of star-crossed lovers and a gang of biker Weres hell-bent on destruction. In a dark twist that snaps our girls’ brittle hold on the “werewolf apocalypse,” Lucy and Xochi find themselves alone on the road of no return.


Click through to read an excerpt of Beast Out of Hell

meet the author

Camilla Ochlan: Separate of The Werewolf Whisperer series, Camilla has written The Seventh Lane, a mythpunk fantasy short, and is working on the forthcoming YA series Of Cats and Dragons, as well as a nonfiction dog-training manual.

In collaboration with her husband, Camilla has written and produced a number of short films, including the suburban ghost story Dog Breath and the recent 20/20 Hindsight.

A dog mom and cat servant, Camilla shares the house with three sweet rescue dogs and two rascally Abyssinian cats.

Bonita Gutierrez: Bonita found her way to the stage at the early age of five. After college, she moved to Los Angeles to get into “The Biz.” Over the years, she’s played many roles from actor to producer, screenwriter to filmmaker — and now novelist.

A mixed martial artist, Bonita has a background in Jeet Kune Do Kung Fu (Bruce Lee’s art), Kenpo Karate MMA and Kali Escrima (stick and knife fighting). An avid runner, student of film and lover of music, Bonita is a self-proclaimed hamburger connoisseur with a passion for all things Star Wars and Buffy.

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Promo: Dance with Me by Hazel Hughes Release Blitz @HazelHughesER


release day blitz


Book Title: Dance with Me
Author: Hazel Hughes
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Release Date: July 26, 2016
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book blurb

When reporter Sherry Wilson-Wong wakes up in bed with ballet bad-boy Alexi Davydenko, she knows she’s crossed the line. But the dancer with the body of Apollo and the panty-removing stare wasn’t talking, so what choice did she have? Playing his little drinking game – a shot and a kiss for every answer – seemed like the perfect way to loosen his sexy lips. She gets her story, he gets his fun, win-win. But his answers only lead to more questions. And Alexi wants more than fun.

Investigating into the ballet company’s shadowy secrets, Sherry learns that the beauty on stage masks ugly dealings, some of which seem to bear Alexi’s signature. But the more truths she exposes, the more lies she is forced to tell herself.

That digging up dirt on a company with ties to the Russian mob isn’t dangerous. That licking every inch of Alexi’s naked body while hunting down evidence of his guilt isn’t a conflict of interest. That with each touch, each kiss, she isn’t falling deeper in love with the very man who could destroy her.


Alexi put his mug down and stood in front of her, tilting her face up with one hand. “Yes, I must rehearse, and yes, you must write. But there is no need to run away like a scared little girl from the wolf.” He bent down to kiss her.

Sherry wanted that kiss more than she wanted her Venti skim latte, and with her throbbing head, that was a lot. But she put her hand on his bare chest, stopping him.

He looked at her, confusion dawning in his eyes, followed quickly by hurt. He stepped back. “Oh. I see. You have your story now.” His voice was cold.

“It’s not like that,” she said. Was this just a case of bruised ego, or was he genuinely hurt? She flashed back to what the bartender said about the type of girls Alexi normally brought to the bar. Party girls, he said.

“So what is it like?” He turned away from her, looking out the window.

She reached out a hand to put it on his shoulder, the one with the tattoo of Tolstoy’s face on it, but thought better of it. “Look, Alexi. I’ve already crossed more ethical boundaries than I’m comfortable with.”

“To get your story.” His voice was flat, his arms crossed over his chest.

“Hey, it’s my job to get the story. I came ready to interview you like I interview all my subjects. The vodka, the kisses, that was your game.”

He turned suddenly, his green gaze pinning her. She couldn’t look away. “You didn’t want to play?”

“No. I mean, yes. I did…” she started.

He moved closer to her, his hand cupping her jaw. “I know you did. I think you still want to,” he whispered, his breath warm on her cheek. His lips touched hers, softly at first, questioning. When she parted her lips in response, he opened them wider, reaching for her tongue with his. Liquid. Melting. From her mouth all the way down to her softest, most private parts.

He pulled back slightly. “Do you want to play, Sherry?”

She was having a hard time regulating her breath. He was so close. She put her hands on his chest, but not to hold him back. She ran her hands over his chest, nipples hard under her palm, then down over the ridges of his abs. She hooked her fingers into his waistband pulling him toward her in response to his question. She wanted to play any game he had in mind as long as it involved what was under his pants, ethics be damned.

“Yes,” she said.


Sherry kicked back at him, landing a blow to his shin, but he just tightened his grip and bit her ear, hard.

His lips touched hers.

meet the author

Hazel Hughes is a contemporary erotic romance writer and urban nomad. Born in London, Hazel has lived all over the globe, from the wilds of Northern Ontario and the cornfields of Iowa to the concrete jungles of Seoul and Abu Dhabi. Currently, she is living in New York, writing from wherever there is strong coffee and funky beats. When she’s not laying down steamy scenes on the page, you can find her whipping up hot and spicy concoctions in the kitchen or dancing to the beat of her own drummer.

social media websitenewsletter signuptwitterFacebookpinterestinstagramGoodreads

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Review & Promo: One and a Half Regrets by J.A. Coffey Release Blitz @authorJACoffey





Release Date: July 24, 2016





I never expected Liam Hensley to rock and roll his way back into my life. Now he’s reminding me of things I thought I’d long since given up–my life, my love, my own music. He says he wants a second chance, to make up for mistakes of the past. There’s just one little problem…I’m hiding a secret that could ruin both our futures.

I can’t tell him I had his baby.

Classical violinist and single mom, Beth MacGuire works part-time at a bar while keeping tabs on her alcoholic mother and minding her sweet infant daughter—until a chance encounter with her high school crush, Liam Hensley, spells disaster for her plans to put her past behind her.

When Liam signed with hot band, Wylde Ryder, he rocketed to fame and never looked back. He’s returned to Seattle for a bandmate’s doomed wedding, but seeing Beth rekindles feelings he thought he’d buried for good.

Plagued by turbulent memories, their passionate reconnection sparks brighter than his concert spotlights. Beth is set against risking her precious baby’s happiness for life with a rock star daddy, but when Liam’s father discovers their little secret, the drummer must choose between stepping up or stepping away from being a family man.





Beth MacGuire and Liam Hensley had so many dreams together.  That was until a text message from Liam breaking things off and a plus sign on a pregnancy test.  Beth must pick up her life and care for her daughter and alcoholic mother the best way she knows.  That is taking each day as it is.

Beth’s life consists of carrying for her daughter as well trying to make sure her mother doesn’t burn down the bar she owns.  Then one night Liam returns to the bar for a drink and Beth must face the fact that her ex will come across with her future.  That is unless the past comes to play to destroy everything she worked for.

Liam wasn’t my favorite person in the beginning.  I honestly believed he didn’t know how to make decisions.  He allowed his manager to decide everything down to what clothes he wore every day.  He needed roadies to make sure he could even make it back to his hotels.  I wanted to scream at him and tell him to act like an adult and see what he lost in Beth.  I wanted to also tell his manager to get lost.

Beth was this woman he acted older than her years.  Having to carry the load has been to much of a burden for her.  It just wasn’t her daughter.  It was the fact that she felt like she had to also care for her brother and mother as well.  To a point she played the martyr, believing she had to give everything up for everyone else.  Let’s just say she gave me some wonderful surprises that had my opinion of her change.

I also loved the baby aspect of it.  The part where a rocker has a decision to be a self made bachelor or settle down as a family type.

This is my first book read by this author and I look forward to reading more in this series.

Happy Reading!!!



Avail. July 26th on Amazon 

Broad release after 90 days



“I’m here now. Doesn’t that count for something?”

“Lucky me. I get one last night with Liam Hensley. Where are you off to tomorrow? London? Paris? Singapore?”

“Seattle,” he suddenly shouts. His face is contorted in agony. “I’ll be here tomorrow. And the next day and the one after that if that’s what it takes to make you hate me less.”

“I don’t hate you, Liam. I…” I stop short. The wind blows through the trees, making a shushing noise. “You’d do that? For me?”

“Yeah.” He holds my eyes. “DeSilva can screw off. The band needs a break. Zane and Finn are about to go at it over something, and the wedding is making everyone crazy, and I’d rather just be with you. It’s the only thing that’s felt right in I don’t know how long.”

My chest is being squeezed like a set of bagpipes. “Since when did I matter?”

His face softens. “Since the first day of fourth grade when I pulled your braids and you kicked me in the nuts. Since tenth grade when I kissed you for the first time. Since the day I said goodbye to you in a stupid text message and my world hasn’t been the same.”

He gives me that look, the one that says he’s going to kiss me. He leans closer, with his perfectly handsome features, a face I’ve loved forever. I feel my lips start to pucker in anticipation of meeting his and butterflies flutter an alarm in my midsection.

This is wrong, this is all going wrong. I’m not supposed to be falling for Liam again, I am just supposed to get some closure. I can never be with him, never tell him about…

“I have a baby,” I hear myself blurting.

“A wha—okay.” Liam rocks back, as if I’ve struck him. “You do?”

“Yes.” We do, I finish in my head. I start swinging again. Twisting in the wind, like a loose strand.

Oh, I’m a horrible, horrible person.

“That’s uhhh…great. Right?” He grabs hold of my chains, forcing me to slow down and face him. “Yeah, great. You found some nice guy or something after we split? That’s great.” His knee is bouncing up and down and he’s babbling, obviously blindsided and angry and confused all at once.

The way I’d been when I saw the double blue lines on the pregnancy test.

The way I’d been when I’d read his texted goodbye.

It was awful and heart-wrenching and wrong. I should’ve told him. I should have let him have a choice in decisions for his future. Tears blur my vision and I grope blindly, finding the solidity of his shoulder.

He’s right next to me, where he should be.

“Liam…” Who did I think I was, deciding everything for everyone?

“So, you’re with someone now? Is he the father? Is that why you didn’t want to go out with me today?” He looks devastated, but I’m not sure why. Is it the baby, or the possibility that I’m seeing another man?

As if I could love anyone but him.

“No.” I screw up my courage. This time, I’m not going to run from the hard thing. The right thing. I’m not a stupid teenager anymore. It’s time to pull up my big girl panties and face the truth. “Liam, there’s more.”

“Is it bad?” He flinches, like he’s expecting a hard hit.

“Yes. No. I don’t know.” I hide my face in my hands. “Why is this so fecking hard?”

He pries my fingers off my face. His gaze is smooth and steady. Looks like he’s grown up some, too. “Okay. Tell me.”

I can’t bear this.

Can’t stand hurting Liam again.

I take a deep breath and answer. “The baby’s yours.”





About the Author:


J.A. Coffey writes both sizzling, heartwarming contemporary romance and lush, gritty historical fiction with emotionally compelling characters that stay with you long after you turn the last page.


A complete cupcake addict, when she isn’t writing or reading, she can be found in trying to convert her front lawn to an edible landscape, test baking desserts, or “feathering her nest” with spruced up flea market finds. J.A. is currently working on her latest novel and trying not to get cupcake batter on her keyboard.


Get free stories and 99¢ new releases:










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Review: Man of Honor by Sarah O’Rourke Release Event @SarahORourke99

Man of Honor Release Banner

Title: Man of Honor

Series: Passion in Paradise

Author: Sarah O’Rourke

Genre: Erotic Romantic Comedy

Release Date: July 25, 2016


Man of Honor Full Cover


Sheriff Zeke Monroe loves one woman…Honor McKinnon. He is willing to stake his entire future on protecting her…no matter what the cost.

Honor McKinnon knows she is broken. Her body and soul had been shattered by a violent attack years ago, and no one…not her sisters or anyone else in the tiny town of Paradise, especially the Sheriff…can change that. Rather than dealing with her wounds, she chooses to protect herself from any further damage, even if that means that she avoids the one chance at love. But Zeke is determined to break down Honor’s walls…and to find the persons responsible for hurting her and make them suffer.

He’s already killed for her once…and is willing to do it again if it means she’ll know safety and happiness.

What happens when Zeke refuses to allow Honor to ignore her past? Will Zeke’s love be passionate enough to break down her barriers? And can Zeke save Honor when her life is in danger once again?

Join Sarah O’Rourke in this epic culmination of the Men of the McKinnon Sisters stories…and find out how the Passion in Paradise series is always scorching hot! Standalone, romantica suspense.



Welcome back to Paradise.  A town where the men are protective and the women keep them on their toes.  Paradise is never lacking in action.  Whether it be a new romance or a mystery needing to be solved.  The time has come for Honor and Zeke’s love story.  Their story is raw, intense, and carries a love worth waiting for.  Readers have been in anticipation waiting to see what happens with our beloved, Honor McKinnon.

Honor is this tragic heroine who has had so much horror in her young life.  Left to die at sixteen, it was Zeke Monroe, the town lawman, that attempts to pull her out of her shell.  She has stayed hidden to protect herself.  Her mission in life is to mother her older sisters and be the best aunt.  Honor believes love doesn’t exist for her because of her past.  The man that adores her, Zeke Monroe, has vocally made claim to her.  For Honor though, she believes Zeke deserves someone whole and not broken.  Can Zeke ever help Honor heal, or will the past come back to ruin her for good?

Man of Honor is the definition of intense and angst filled.  Honor’s past is coming back to haunt her, and it will take everyone to save this town princess.  Honor is my favorite character out of the series.  She is the youngest sister, yet, she has taken on a maternal role.  She is closest to her aunt and uncle.  Sometimes, it is her aunt’s witty humor that pulls her out of her despair.  Throughout Man of Honor, when Honor had an “assignment” to work on, I loved how her aunt used her witty humor to get Honor to fulfill these task.  All of this was done for Honor to move on and to heal from the horrific actions that occurred over 56 hours eight long years ago.

Sarah O’Rourke brings her talents to this novel.  She knows how to write with emotion, yet, carry humor at the same time.  I have not read a book in a long time where I am both crying at laughing simultaneously.  Sarah just has this knack of getting her readers to feel the words of the book.  It is easy to get lost in the novel and next thing you know it is late at night and you don’t want to put down the novel until you see the words, “The End”.

Readers also get to see more of Zeke’s brother, Ice.  His name is really fitting until he meets one Maggie.  I hated how Ice treated Honor at times, but in fairness he was looking out for Zeke’s best interest.  It just was a tad bit misguided.  I think Ice’s story will be one to fascinate as he is one complex character.  We will see if we can’t keep you updated on his and Maggie’s story.

A Man of Honor is quite a talented novel.  At times I was pretty chocked up, and other times I laughed with how funny and candid the characters were.  Everyone in Sarah’s books are easy to fall in love with and be able to relate to.

I highly recommend you read about the men and women of Paradise.  Her newest title, Man of Honor, is not one to disappoint.  A 2016 Must Read Novel.

Happy Reading!!!

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Man of Honor – Excerpt


“The bottom line – and once again, no pun intended – is I think you might have overstayed your welcome in my home, Ezekiel.  Much like the smell of fish, unwanted guests begin to stink after the third day and you’ve been smelling something fierce for a while now,” she informed him primly, clasping her hands in front of her waist as she stared innocently at him.

“Now, Honor,” Zeke chided, amused.  “What would your mother say right now about that most unwelcoming attitude you have?”

“Holy crap.  He brought Momma into it,” Faith whispered violently to Harmony.

“The fool’s clearly lost his mind,” Harmony returned uneasily.

“Moron,” Aunt Orla cackled.  “Harriet, God rest her soul, woulda cut your ding-a-ling off at the root for streakin’ in her kitchen.”

“True though that may be, Auntie, I think my mother would be impressed that I’ve managed to maintain my sanity for this long.  She raised me to be a good hostess, and heaven knows, I’ve tried.  But you, Ezekiel, could make a preacher cuss on Sunday.  You’ve been nothing but a demanding, domineering pain in my derriere since you took my house hostage.  I swear, you shadow me when I so much as wander toward the bathroom.  And when it’s not you, it’s one of your trained monkeys watching me like some kind of science experiment.  I’ve had enough!  I told you last night that I intended to come back to work and find some kind of normalcy again.  You chose to believe I’d cede to your will.  Your error in judgment doesn’t translate into being either my fault or my problem.”

“No, but willfully draining the air from my tires most certainly is,” Zeke roared.  “What if I’d gotten a call out?”

“The SUV Abel loaned me – but you STILL won’t allow me to drive – is parked in the garage.”  Seeing the look of shock on his face, Honor smiled.  “Forgot about that, didn’t you?”

“Don’t get cocky, Kitten.   I’m in no mood.  You know what this argument is really over just like I do.  You shouldn’t BE here!”

“This is EXACTLY where I need to be,” she growled back, matching his tone as the two combatants faced each other.  “It’s MY business, Zeke.  That back there,” she continued, waving a hand toward the back of the restaurant, “is MY kitchen where I do MY work.  Seriously, if somebody said, ‘Don’t go be a Sheriff today, it’s too dangerous,’ you’d tell them that it’s your job and to check themselves into the nearest mental hospital.  Why do you think I’d feel any less dedicated to my work?”

“At the moment, nobody is gunnin’ for me,” Zeke snapped, rapidly losing his patience with the infuriating woman standing across from him.

“I wouldn’t bet on THAT,” Honor returned purposefully, looking the lawman up and down.

“Is that a threat you’re making to a sworn officer of the law, Miss McKinnon?  Because it sure sounded like one.”

Smiling that gentle sweet smile of hers that never failed to simultaneously melt his heart and harden his dick, Honor shook her head.  “Of course not, Sheriff.  Don’t be silly.  A threat implies that I might not follow through on things.  This is a promise from me to you, Zeke.  So, listen up,” she announced, going from the sugar-wouldn’t-melt-in-her-mouth tone he adored to the I-will-rip-off-your-dick-and-shove-it-where-the-sun-don’t-shine voice that never failed to get his blood pumping.

“I’m all ears, darlin’,” he replied easily, propping one hand against the counter as he leaned over it toward her.  “I do love it when you make me promises.” Honor made a noise of disgust as she shot him a look that should have frozen his blood to ice, but somehow just managed to make him hotter for her.

“Get out of my café, Sheriff, and take your Redneck Gestapo with you!  And don’t forget Deputy Hightower who’s skulking back there in the corner tryin’ his best to be invisible,” she ordered, pointing at where his uncomfortable subordinate was trying to slump in a back booth.  It was kinda hard to do when a guy was over six feet tall.

“Or what?” Zeke dared her with an insolent grin.

“Otherwise, I’m gonna be forced to bring out the pressure washer and start hosing down all the unwanted pests around this place, and I promise I’ll start with you, Sheriff Monroe.”

He could tell by the set of her jaw that she was serious.  His little Kitten had become a Tigress at some point this morning.  And damn, if that didn’t turn him on, too.


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Copy of sarah author pic-2Sarah O’Rourke is the alter ego of two best friends who have taken their passion for romantic fiction and erotica to the publishing world. Born and raised in the southern United States, one lives near Louisville, KY, while the other resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Neither is ever very far from a tall glass of sweet iced tea, their dog-eared copies of Gone With the Wind, or their Steel Magnolias DVDs!

Formerly an accountant and a chemist, they are now overworked, stay-at-home moms who adore their children, their husbands…and writing about love in every way possible!


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