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Today’s Guests: Q&A with Charlotte and Madison from Finding Salvation


Welcome, Madison and Charlotte to Cruising Susan Book Reviews interview day.

Can you both take turns, and say in one sentence how you would characterize the role the other plays in your life? Madison, can we start with you first?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Madison- The angel on my shoulder who gives me the good advice, Although I don’t always listen. I like to learn things the hard way lol

Charlotte- Madison has always been my protector; from the moment I’ve met, she’s kept me safe. Still, to this day as adults, I know that if I am ever scared or worried about anything that she will always be there to make sure everything is okay.


Charlotte, you have been described by your family at times as being innocent and almost fragile. Do you believe this fits you? How would you describe yourself?       

I believe that back then I was fragile, I had been so scared for so many years about being alone and being abandoned. I always went above and beyond for everyone because I felt as if I needed to secure my place so they wouldn’t leave me. Now I am different, Jackson helped a lot with that. I no longer worry that I will be alone and no longer need to go above and beyond because they’d never get rid of me.

Can you both say one word that describes the other person?   

Madison – loyal

Charlotte – strong

When you both were integrating from being in the foster home to having a family, what was the hardest part of that transition?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Madison- Sleeping. I wouldn’t sleep because I was afraid I would wake up back in the system.

Charlotte- worried at any moment that the Finley’s would change their mind and send us back. Or decide to keep one of us and not the other. I think for the first six months we lived with them we would go to bed holding hands so we wouldn’t let one be taken without the other.

How would you each describe your relationship with Donovan?  

Madison- I love to hate him because he can’t keep a secret. But he is the best brother a girl could ask for.

Charlotte- he’s the best big brother in the world. I can’t begin to describe how grateful I still am that Madison went toe to toe with him and he chose us.


You are spending a night on the town, what is it you both would be doing?

Charlotte – spending time with our husbands, while they try to convince us to have another baby or five.

Madison. You can go out with your husband I need a day at the spa and away from him for the night.

What celebrity do you identify most with?  

Madison- what I’m not a celebrity?

Charlotte – I wouldn’t even know where to begin with this. Someone with kids, helps people, and loves her husband. To be brutally honest, I only know male celebrities: D


Can you tell me each other’s favorite, and are they correct?

Madison, Charlotte’s favorite meal?

Madison- Anything Italian.  Coughs (gross)

Charlotte: food, Madison loves any kind of food.

Madison- she’s right I like food, well not all food. I don’t like Italian food, red sauce, yuck.

Charlotte- she lies she loves spaghetti

Madison- Don’t make me stab you with this fork.

Charlotte, Madison’s favorite sexiest male celebrity?

Madison- whoever is playing a cop at the moment. She’s a sucker for anyone in uniform. I mean look at her husband.

Charlotte – the guy from the Dracula untold movie

Madison, Charlotte’s favorite hotspot?

Madison- Easy Jay’s, Free drinks and VIP status what more could she ask for.

Charlotte – um duh Easy Jays is the hottest spot out there.

Charlotte, Madison’s favorite song?

Madison- she likes when I sing her Pony

Charlotte – that’s true… Madison likes that awesome song by Plies

Madison- that is true it’s like my very own theme song.


If you both were to give one wish for each other what would it be?   

Madison- I wish for her to have 20 more babies and stop bragging about how she doesn’t have stretch marks yet.

Charlotte – that she finally beats Avery at a video game, so he will stop doing that stupid celebratory dance he does every stinking time.

Madison- I have to admit I kinda like when he wins. When no one’s around, he does his dance naked for me. I’ll record it next time and show you.

Charlotte – please don’t because that thing looks like he’s having a fit on a toilet.

Madison- to be fair I just like looking at him naked. His ass, though. Now that is a sight to see.

One last question before we end the interview. What is it that you both want fans to remember you by the most? Charlotte, would you like to start first this time?        

Madison- my Ninja like skills.

Charlotte – that I don’t take kindly to pranks or jokes and will get you back tenfold you’ll never see it coming.

Madison- that reminds me we really need to watch our backs. I put a dead skunk in the boys’ bushes last night.

Charlotte – you need to let me know these things. They like to show up at my house in the middle of the night while I’m getting busy with my husband who does nothing to stop them.

Madison- I’m telling you now. So that counts right?


Thank you, Madison and Charlotte, for your time today. You both are so fun to get to know as well as a huge role model for young women out there.  

Madison- ahh I’m not sure I make the best role model. DONT DO WHAT I DID!!!!

Charlotte- thanks for the interview, it was a lot of fun.


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Review: Taming Sugar by Rebecca Grace Allen @RGraceAllen

Rebecca Grace Allen

Taming Sugar
A Modern Day, BDSM, Taming of the Shrew
January 19, 2017



A modern day, BDSM, Taming of the Shrew.

After being dropped from the best role she’d ever gotten, actress Roxy Cavanaugh is on a week’s vacation to work on her patience. Being holed up in a little cabin isn’t doing much to help her, and neither is meeting sexy property manager Hunter Finn. Unfazed by her willful determination, Finn might be the first man strong enough to take her…if they don’t kill each other first.


After being fired from a play, Roxy Cavanaugh takes a break in nature.  Taking a break is new for Roxy and so is playing nice.  Roxy is known as a rich spoiled princess, but when Hunter Finn comes into to fix a few problems in the cabin Roxy’s world will get turned upside down.

Hunter is known as dominating, and desires control in and out of the bedroom.  What happens when you mix dominating with a rich spoiled princess?  Let’s just say it is combustible!

The story is short in nature but thick in meaning.  It is a lesson on letting go and being okay with it.  Hunter has a few lessons to teach Roxy, and it is not all about what is in the bedroom.  These lessons will shake Roxy to her very core.

The story is a bit of kink, just to be forewarned.  It is though not over the top.  It is just enough to allow you to see the message that Rebecca Grace Allen is trying to give.

If you like a story with a bit of kink and meaning mixed with it, then you will enjoy Taming Sugar.

Happy Reading!!!


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About the Author:

Rebecca Grace Allen writes kinky new adult and hot contemporary BDSM romance. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English with a double concentration in Creative Writing and Literary Comparison, as well as a Master of Science in Elementary Education, both of which seemed like good ideas at the time. After stumbling through careers in entertainment, publishing, law and teaching, she’s returned to her first love: writing. A self-admitted caffeine addict and gym rat, she currently lives in upstate New York with her husband, two parakeets, and a cat with a very unusual foot fetish. – See more at:

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