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The Boy Friend by Mika Jolie

The Boy Friend

Date of Publication: April 25, 2017

According to the law of attraction, women and men can’t be friends.

Contrary to this myth, my friendship with Coriander Phillips does not rest on unrequited love or un-actualized lust. We’ve been inseparable since the day I pulled one of her pigtails and she punched me in the gut.

She’s hilarious, fun to hang out with. Together, we’re like peanut butter and jelly, spaghetti and meatballs, wings and beer. A match made in heaven.

She’s the bomb.

Did I mention she’s smokin’ hot? I’ve checked her out…maybe once or twice. Hey, I’m a guy.

Seriously, no awkwardness, no secret yearning for our relationship to escalate beyond the purely platonic. I’m the boy friend—the loyal shoulder she cries on, the dispenser of coffee, sympathy, hugs, advice, and affection with no expectations.

Until the invisible line between friends and lovers became blurry.

Now I want more. I want her.

All I have to do is convince her we can be more than friends.


If only it were that easy.


Mika Jolie hit a home run in her newest novel, The Boyfriend.  It is a story where readers can literally escape life and fall into the characters and plot line.   Watching the characters evolve from beginning to end of the story was the highlight of my reading experience.

Meet Dean Conrad Morello, a lover of all women and a man with no concept of commitment.  His best friend happens to just be a woman, and who says men can’t be just friends with a female.  Mr. Morello thinks so.  That is until he starts seeing his best gal friend in a new light.  Can hottie Dean start to define relationship?

Meet Cori Phillips.  She is an earth loving, friend caring, artist sharing woman.  She has big dreams that she desires, and when she expresses them to Dean he decides he will help her in his own way.

Dean’s desire and Cori’s dreams may just shake up the long-time friendship they share.  Maybe good or maybe bad?  Read The Boyfriend by Mika Jolie and find out.

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Mika Jolie

Mika Jolie lives in New Jersey with her Happy Chaos—her husband and their energizer bunnies. A sports fanatic and a wine aficionado, she’s determined to balance it all and still write about life experiences and matters of the heart. Let’s face it, people are complicated and love can be messy. When she’s not weaving life and romance into evocative tales, you can find her on a hiking adventure, apple picking, or whatever her three men can conjure up.

She loves to hear from readers. Connect with Mika on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads and Amazon.


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